red.richard: Lock gate flow
red.richard: Forth and Clyde Canal
red.richard: Street Art
red.richard: Gantry
red.richard: After the rain.
red.richard: Candle & Fire
red.richard: Garden Candlelight
red.richard: Ohm unit of resistance 2
red.richard: Es Cana Cliff
red.richard: Flambourough Head 3
red.richard: Ohm unit of resistance
red.richard: Nuart Aberdeen
red.richard: Winkle light Point of Ayre
red.richard: Douglas night shoreline
red.richard: Shoreline at dawn
red.richard: Calf of Man
red.richard: Point of Ayre Lighthouse
red.richard: Manchester
red.richard: Crosstown traffic
red.richard: Wingtip
red.richard: Isle of Man Golden Hour
red.richard: Shadows
red.richard: Es Cana Cliff House
red.richard: Boat chains
red.richard: Flambourough Head Lighthouse 2
red.richard: Dawn Silhouette
red.richard: Castlecary Arches
red.richard: First light in the wood
red.richard: Ibiza town Lighthouse