umshlanga.barbosa: Sometimes even a dead rose is still the prettiest in the bunch
umshlanga.barbosa: Who you lookin at?
umshlanga.barbosa: Heartbeats
umshlanga.barbosa: Take me to Church
umshlanga.barbosa: Bloom in low light
umshlanga.barbosa: I`m just sitting watching flowers in the rain- Bluebell
umshlanga.barbosa: My back yard
umshlanga.barbosa: When times were less stressful
umshlanga.barbosa: Eye`s are glaring, voices blaring
umshlanga.barbosa: No Quarter-Stay the Fuck Down
umshlanga.barbosa: `Bonzo`, a tribute 39 yrs after the death of John Bonham, here`s his most famous solo in `Moby Dick`
umshlanga.barbosa: Jack Slade in Concert @ Isle of Miricles
umshlanga.barbosa: Wake up and Smell the Coffee
umshlanga.barbosa: The Greatest
umshlanga.barbosa: When I need you, I just close my eyes and I`m with you
umshlanga.barbosa: Mrs Mia Wallace doing the Twist
umshlanga.barbosa: Bring me to Life
umshlanga.barbosa: Always a Woman
umshlanga.barbosa: Late Night at the Office
umshlanga.barbosa: When you are the Ring Master in your own one man Circus
umshlanga.barbosa: Me, `And this one?` Frog, `Reddit`
umshlanga.barbosa: Sometimes to see the bigger picture you just need bigger windows
umshlanga.barbosa: `Literati SL`Group Header
umshlanga.barbosa: New Chapter
umshlanga.barbosa: Tourettes day x 10
umshlanga.barbosa: Umsh has been a Bad Bad Boy!! Watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you.......
umshlanga.barbosa: FOCUS May 2019 Issue Thank you so much to Angela and Patrick for all their hard work creating this wonderful and unique magazine