symphonic_40: Wanderer
symphonic_40: Neowise
symphonic_40: Comet Neowise
symphonic_40: Engineering
symphonic_40: Forstweg
symphonic_40: against the sun
symphonic_40: Foreground, Middleground and Background.
symphonic_40: Colourful landscape
symphonic_40: Powerful Light
symphonic_40: Drone no drone
symphonic_40: Pillars
symphonic_40: Bornstein aus Feldstein
symphonic_40: View from above
symphonic_40: Welcome
symphonic_40: Purple Tulip
symphonic_40: Red Tulip
symphonic_40: Orange Tulip
symphonic_40: Happy weather
symphonic_40: IMG_5489
symphonic_40: Colours
symphonic_40: Bridge
symphonic_40: Warm light
symphonic_40: Welcome