M_Thie: tunnelview
M_Thie: sorrow and doubt
M_Thie: together in good and in bad
M_Thie: thinking of past dreams
M_Thie: life is all about challenges (doubleportrait)
M_Thie: really?
M_Thie: family ties
M_Thie: no doubts left
M_Thie: garbage bin discourse
M_Thie: rose
M_Thie: come'on pal... have to pass there
M_Thie: no attention for him
M_Thie: paseo al infinito
M_Thie: torso gráfico
M_Thie: release break
M_Thie: streetlives
M_Thie: gender is over
M_Thie: waiting for...
M_Thie: suspicious of it
M_Thie: street stare
M_Thie: the looks of africa
M_Thie: hope
M_Thie: what are you looking at?
M_Thie: we are the rugby world champions
M_Thie: haunting passed dreams
M_Thie: sleeping asphalt cowboy
M_Thie: dangerous hood
M_Thie: caught sharing your cigar
M_Thie: adapting to modern technology
M_Thie: sceptical shoe shine master