elbigote1946: Creek, south-east part of Finland
elbigote1946: Säätytalo, built 1891, House of the Estates (detail of frontage) , Helsinki
elbigote1946: Lucid cranes:), Harbour of Helsinki
elbigote1946: Swimmingpool within Helsinki harbour, Finland
elbigote1946: Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki
elbigote1946: Helsignin päärautatieasema, Main station of Helsinki, Finland
elbigote1946: Sailing into the sun
elbigote1946: Flaming mountain range at sunset, Andalucia, Spain
elbigote1946: Happy New Year!
elbigote1946: Merry xmas to all my Flickr friends!
elbigote1946: Artic waters & massive iceberg at Disco Bay, Greenland
elbigote1946: Waving waves.........:)
elbigote1946: Glorious sunset
elbigote1946: Foggy morning in November
elbigote1946: Monastery Lluc, entrance to a former monks dormitory
elbigote1946: Badia de Pollenca, Majorca
elbigote1946: Black Friday:)
elbigote1946: Magdalenefjord, Spitsbergen, Norway
elbigote1946: Artic sky above Greenlands coastal mountains
elbigote1946: Humpback whale blowing, Disko Bay, Greenland. (another one behind him or her)
elbigote1946: Morning has broken.... Close to Qassimiut, Greenland´s slopy coastal mountain
elbigote1946: Girls from Greenland playing at the waterfront
elbigote1946: An untouched glacier at Magdalenefjord, Spitsbergen
elbigote1946: Golden waves.........
elbigote1946: Seagull longing for the sun....
elbigote1946: Colors.....
elbigote1946: Mediterranean sea at dusk, and an energetic stand-up paddler
elbigote1946: Remote Pacific Islands , Polynesia
elbigote1946: Polynesian island off Aitutaki, South Pacific
elbigote1946: Aitutaki, South Pacific island