elbigote1946: Foggy morning at a canal
elbigote1946: Shelducks flying to their nesting ground.
elbigote1946: Swan gliding on a lake shortly after sunset.
elbigote1946: Tough life:- A pedestrian in Lisbon.
elbigote1946: Sun at 6:18 a.m. & sturdy powerlines
elbigote1946: City wall of Krakow
elbigote1946: Nie Parkowac´! > Entrance to a hidden back alley.
elbigote1946: Arcades, Krakow centre
elbigote1946: Never again!
elbigote1946: Terrible ghetto of Auschwitz
elbigote1946: Dreadful Auschwitz
elbigote1946: Polish saleslady who didn´t like the click of my camera...
elbigote1946: Monument at Krakow´s main square
elbigote1946: Coach lady of Krakow
elbigote1946: Krakow silhouette
elbigote1946: Two whales in Artic waters
elbigote1946: Freezing cold...
elbigote1946: Panorama in a mist unfreezing some old volcanic crest
elbigote1946: Glacier at dusk, Spitsbergen
elbigote1946: Floating ice in Artic waters
elbigote1946: A beautiful horse
elbigote1946: Walrus hill with Brielletower..
elbigote1946: Artic world!
elbigote1946: Icelandic horse, Grundarfjodur
elbigote1946: Sunset on Greenland coast between Sisimiut and Ilulissat
elbigote1946: Iceberg slowy floating in Artic waters
elbigote1946: Sisimiut, Greenland > colourful and foggy.
elbigote1946: Inuit girl showing her neck trinket.
elbigote1946: Fond greetings!
elbigote1946: Sledge Dog in a mountainous area of foggy Sisimiut, Greenland