elbigote1946: Fulfilling a grand new day! (Explore Feb 23rd 2024)
elbigote1946: People from all over, India, medically treated at a bus stn some 47 years ago
elbigote1946: People from all over, Papua New Guinea
elbigote1946: People from all over, boy shoveling water, Germany
elbigote1946: People from all over, alpine scene, Italy
elbigote1946: A colourful sky sends its regards!
elbigote1946: A glorious morning. Pse click to enlarge
elbigote1946: Happy cruising throughout 2024!
elbigote1946: Wishing all Flickr friends a wonderful festive season!
elbigote1946: Golden autumn
elbigote1946: Summertime, Spain
elbigote1946: Its springtime, Majorca
elbigote1946: Nordland, Lofoten
elbigote1946: The moon looks on!
elbigote1946: Silhouettes..........
elbigote1946: Got you!
elbigote1946: In the wild
elbigote1946: #2 Time to uncork a bottle
elbigote1946: #1 Time to lower the anchor (pse click to enlarge)
elbigote1946: Omar Al Rawas, Mosque/Minaret, Salala
elbigote1946: Sé Catedral do Funchal ( Explore Oct 14th, 2023 )
elbigote1946: Svetitskhoneli Cathedral of twelve apostels built 1010-1029, Eurasia, Georgia
elbigote1946: Life in the tropics.
elbigote1946: Sheep grazing peacefully
elbigote1946: Mom delivers patiently
elbigote1946: Well, I will surrender!
elbigote1946: Young buck noticing a photographer.
elbigote1946: Roaming Guanacos, Chile
elbigote1946: An alley in November
elbigote1946: Cumbre y glaciar, Argentina