hiphopnerdphoto: Class is in session
hiphopnerdphoto: Kids will always follow mom (Softbox) on the right side of the subject with a bare Ad200 on the left side for a fill
hiphopnerdphoto: LeTsGo! (Softbox) on the left side of the subject with a bare Ad200 on the right side for a fill
hiphopnerdphoto: It’s the smile! (Softbox) on the left side of the subject angled to mimic the sun
hiphopnerdphoto: Young people need more role models less critics
hiphopnerdphoto: Nothing “Butt” gains!
hiphopnerdphoto: Standing Tall
hiphopnerdphoto: Camera fitness
hiphopnerdphoto: Living off the wall
hiphopnerdphoto: A taste of Chocolate
hiphopnerdphoto: I can’t hear you
hiphopnerdphoto: The sequel
hiphopnerdphoto: Look at’em sideways
hiphopnerdphoto: Having fun while grown people work
hiphopnerdphoto: Philly walk
hiphopnerdphoto: Philly walk
hiphopnerdphoto: Learn to stand alone
hiphopnerdphoto: Washington DC Visit
hiphopnerdphoto: It’s better when you can choose the dream you wanna live
hiphopnerdphoto: Skateboarding is meditation
hiphopnerdphoto: Just a tad bit of Swag
hiphopnerdphoto: Beach fun
hiphopnerdphoto: Somethings in life are just plain Black & White
hiphopnerdphoto: Put down the phones and pick up a conversation
hiphopnerdphoto: From my first beach shoot with my son
hiphopnerdphoto: Congrats young man!
hiphopnerdphoto: Staying active