jakefirsel: Surfs Up
jakefirsel: Here comes the sun
jakefirsel: Almond Tree Blossom
jakefirsel: Busted
jakefirsel: Old British Airfield of Armageddon
jakefirsel: art museum b&w
jakefirsel: Profiles
jakefirsel: Plugged In DJ
jakefirsel: Winter Flats
jakefirsel: The Hummus Guy at Lena's
jakefirsel: Shoot
jakefirsel: Shadows Holy Sepulcher
jakefirsel: Pizza and Jesus
jakefirsel: Man in the Middle
jakefirsel: Jack the baker
jakefirsel: Entrance Holy Sepulcher
jakefirsel: Dr Notley
jakefirsel: Copts
jakefirsel: Barber
jakefirsel: Barber #2
jakefirsel: Dead Sea #3
jakefirsel: Christmas in Nazareth
jakefirsel: Dawn on the Dead Sea #2
jakefirsel: Dawn on the Dead Sea
jakefirsel: Loyalty
jakefirsel: Chairs