mcdolan79: Dr, Steve
mcdolan79: Late 1980's, NY City ferry ,Andrew Barbery, JIm and Cindy, on way to Staten Island. Picture in pilothouse.,
mcdolan79: 1966, M3 Leica, 50mm Summicron lens
mcdolan79: 1970's, Aberdeen Prooving Ground
mcdolan79: 1970's, Aberdeen Proving Ground.
mcdolan79: 1970' Aberdeen Proving Ground.
mcdolan79: 1979's ,. Panzer 1 tank. Aberdeen Proving Ground.
mcdolan79: Late 1070's. Aberdeen Proving ground.
mcdolan79: Late 1970's , M65, 280mm,Atomic cannnon
mcdolan79: 1970'a M1 Abrams tank
mcdolan79: 1970's, MBT 70, a joint effort between Germany and US to design a maim battle tank.
mcdolan79: 1970's, Sturmgeschutz 3 , German WW 2 , assault gun.
mcdolan79: 1979's, Jagdpanzer 38 ( T ). Hetzer.
mcdolan79: 1970's, Aberdeen Proving Ground,
mcdolan79: B47, at Pooler Ga. the site of the 8th, Air Force museum
mcdolan79: 1970;s, Aberdeen Proving Ground
mcdolan79: Late 1970's, XM 104, 105mm howitzer, amphibious, air delivered,
mcdolan79: 1070's Aberdeem Prooving Ground
mcdolan79: 1970's, Aberdeem Proving Ground., WW 2 Half track ,quad .50 BMG's
mcdolan79: 1970, Julia and Cindy at Commercial fishing dock at Shinnecock Inlet, NY, one of two.
mcdolan79: Early 1970's, Huntington, NY
mcdolan79: 1970, Cindy's world. 1970 trip
mcdolan79: 1976, Abbey in western Ireland with old round tower.
mcdolan79: Abandoned Abbey or Monastery in Western Ireland.
mcdolan79: 1971-2, Jones Beach NY
mcdolan79: 1965, Canoe trip to New Orleans.
mcdolan79: 1965, Cave in Rock, Illinois.. Canoe trip to New Orleans.
mcdolan79: 1965, Franklin, Penn. Allegheny river.
mcdolan79: 1965, Erie Canal. M3 Leica, 50mm Summicron lens.
mcdolan79: 1965, Camp on bank of the Erie Canal ..M3 Leica 50 mm Summicron lens