mcdolan79: 1965-66 skinners falls , Delaware river , Pa. and NY border.
mcdolan79: Gilberts Bar House of Refuge Museum, near Stewart Florida.Julia..
mcdolan79: 1963 Passau
mcdolan79: 1980 Cortez Motor Home
mcdolan79: Dachau
mcdolan79: Italian switch engine ( thru window )
mcdolan79: colorado mine ore tip
mcdolan79: torpedo on Cape Cod
mcdolan79: Globe Swift
mcdolan79: 1980 Key West airport, Globe Swift
mcdolan79: My great grandfather on maternal side. William Alffred Todhunter
mcdolan79: Old Hicksville 1967
mcdolan79: Old Hicksville 1967
mcdolan79: Covered bridge over the Walkill River, North of Newburg NY off the Thruway.
mcdolan79: Munich 1976 advertising for a show.
mcdolan79: 1970's Araca Rd, association building dock at beach.
mcdolan79: Farm in Del Norte almost 8000 feet high. Sheep and general crops.1962
mcdolan79: 1965, Yawl Bolero,caught the breeze with a genoa and main. Off Oyster Bay NY
mcdolan79: Key West airport, 1980 Air Sunshine was part of Air Florida.
mcdolan79: Key West 1980
mcdolan79: Key West 1980 B25
mcdolan79: Key West 1980 T6 M3 Leica, 50mm Summicron lens.. Jim is now 47
mcdolan79: Key West Airport 1980? Convair 440.
mcdolan79: Boeing 727 at JFK airport NY.. Climbing out.
mcdolan79: Boeing 707 climbing out. JFK airport.
mcdolan79: 1974-75 Rob Wiegand
mcdolan79: 1975? Sat. night with shuffleboard wax on floor.
mcdolan79: 1970's Montauk
mcdolan79: 1970'd Tom Williams with the windmill drinking cup.
mcdolan79: 1970's part of Ukrainian complex, upstate NY