mcdolan79: Old Hicksville NY Early Fire Dept. pic. This picture was taken after 1906, when the Firehouse was built.
mcdolan79: Old Hicksville NY... Steam train from the Port Jefferson line approaching the Hicksville Station
mcdolan79: Old Hicksville NY
mcdolan79: Milanville,Pa. 9-18-19
mcdolan79: 1967 Old Hicksville NY
mcdolan79: German freight barge on the Danube river , from Valhalla balcony.
mcdolan79: German beer tent at a flea market in the middle of a pasture. 1976. Bavaria.
mcdolan79: Placing a liner in the pond.
mcdolan79: Me at Fort Jefferson , Dry Tortugas Fl. before 1984
mcdolan79: 1948 Ford
mcdolan79: Germany 271
mcdolan79: Germany 1976 A vacation chalet in Bavaria's Lake region
mcdolan79: Julianna
mcdolan79: Julianna
mcdolan79: 2 - MEP 17A US Army gen sets on a trailer.
mcdolan79: Bob Van Schjaick with barrow , pouring Artie's patio in back. Late 1970's. Araca Rd.
mcdolan79: 1970-71 Grumpy Cindy
mcdolan79: 1972-3 Robbie Wiegand and Cindy checking out the train.
mcdolan79: Mid 1970's Canoeing on Long Lake. NY
mcdolan79: Early 1970's, Julia towing back a large 6" x 6" creosoted section of a marine timber dock. Across the Great South Bay from Jones Beach by sail.
mcdolan79: Image358
mcdolan79: Image364
mcdolan79: Image368
mcdolan79: Image370
mcdolan79: 1970 Trip ,Lunch break in Navaho Reservation roadside picnic table.
mcdolan79: Image481
mcdolan79: mid to late 1970's M38 Jeep
mcdolan79: Old stone culvert.
mcdolan79: Mid 1970's Lock on Delaware Canal,towards New Hope Pa.