simplymr.holz: Thankful
simplymr.holz: exposed shoal
simplymr.holz: snow laden trees
simplymr.holz: 1/3rd snow
simplymr.holz: clackety-clack
simplymr.holz: leaf suspension
simplymr.holz: rock puddles
simplymr.holz: the coupling
simplymr.holz: dilapidation in dolgeville
simplymr.holz: crack.. head.....
simplymr.holz: gear track abstract
simplymr.holz: post and rail
simplymr.holz: power lines and the silo
simplymr.holz: old graves
simplymr.holz: mountain... zones per Adams
simplymr.holz: leaf and needle abstract
simplymr.holz: the weighed blanket
simplymr.holz: "the priggish evergreens,
simplymr.holz: horse'n round
simplymr.holz: woodland abstract
simplymr.holz: scatter of Autumns snow
simplymr.holz: Tassels...rural porn
simplymr.holz: I Voted...(a parody}
simplymr.holz: winter elements
simplymr.holz: dam ugly in Dolgeville
simplymr.holz: The lantern and clevis
simplymr.holz: a study of incline
simplymr.holz: a splendid autumn
simplymr.holz: rails, ties and spikes