debraduncan1960: Skater on Linlithgow Loch
debraduncan1960: Water Rail
debraduncan1960: Brrr....Its Cold!
debraduncan1960: 1219.CR3 - Edit - Firth of Forth and the Ochils (1 of 1) - border
debraduncan1960: Moorland
debraduncan1960: Mountains & Mist
debraduncan1960: Sea Kayak
debraduncan1960: Westquarter Glen
debraduncan1960: Behind the Falls
debraduncan1960: Beast from the East
debraduncan1960: Milarrochy Bay
debraduncan1960: Milarrochy Bay.
debraduncan1960: Dunure Beach
debraduncan1960: Portencross Castle
debraduncan1960: Birks of Aberfeldy - room for improvement on this I think! I think overall the composition is very busy! In the autumn I shall revisit and try something more simplistic.
debraduncan1960: Loch Rusky - another visit to one of my favourite places. Sunrise was not the best that I have seen here and for a while my camera remained in its bag however as the sun rose the light changed and this is what unfolded.
debraduncan1960: Whirlpool
debraduncan1960: Seacliff Triptych
debraduncan1960: Portobello Sunrise.
debraduncan1960: State of Mind
debraduncan1960: Seed of Inspiration
debraduncan1960: Dancing Dandelion
debraduncan1960: Delicate
debraduncan1960: Name that tune.
debraduncan1960: Moss Macro
debraduncan1960: Moss Macro