rolfwillig: sometimes it's good to just hang out
rolfwillig: London view IV
rolfwillig: ROOOAAR ...
rolfwillig: Eisregen / Freezing rain
rolfwillig: Needs a haircut _
rolfwillig: Herbst Impression aus dem Pfälzer Wald
rolfwillig: Look me in the eyes boy _
rolfwillig: London view III
rolfwillig: View of the cathedral from the leaning tower of Pisa
rolfwillig: Fall splendor in Piemont
rolfwillig: Boat harbor Müritz
rolfwillig: Tassili n'Ajjer / Algeria / Sahara
rolfwillig: View from the leaning tower of Pisa
rolfwillig: Pfälzer Wald
rolfwillig: Fingerhut
rolfwillig: Waiting for something to happen
rolfwillig: Fallow Deer - Damwild
rolfwillig: Purple heron
rolfwillig: The kids were so kind to pose for a family photo
rolfwillig: Birken
rolfwillig: Thomson Gazelle with cub
rolfwillig: London view II
rolfwillig: Orang Utan
rolfwillig: London view
rolfwillig: Blossoms multiple exposed
rolfwillig: Paddle steamer on Thames
rolfwillig: Light show
rolfwillig: Rheinhafen impression
rolfwillig: Floral splendor
rolfwillig: Tree with vulture nest