joannekerry: On a bug hunt
joannekerry: Nest Builder
joannekerry: This is Sid with his new Covid19 haircut... THE BOTTLE BRUSH.
joannekerry: That 'New parent' look
joannekerry: Busy mama blackbird
joannekerry: 2020-04-30_11-12-16
joannekerry: starling 2
joannekerry: starling
joannekerry: Garden visitor
joannekerry: The Line
joannekerry: Even the Starlings are trying to instill social distancing
joannekerry: Popping in for a meal
joannekerry: Restaurant visitor
joannekerry: Ive got my eye on you.
joannekerry: Would you like to smell this flower?
joannekerry: The taste of spring
joannekerry: Is this a pout for the camera?
joannekerry: We are not amused
joannekerry: The shy one
joannekerry: 2020-03-04_10-34-39
joannekerry: 2020-03-04_10-34-10
joannekerry: Love At 16¼ our labbies are doing so well. But sometimes the little lady needs a bit of help.
joannekerry: For those of you who think these guys are just smiling for the camera... Take a look at the roof of Tschuna's mouth. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the dark spot in the roof of her mouth in the Jacobson's organ.
joannekerry: Up close and personal
joannekerry: Dangerous weapons
joannekerry: Smile for the camera
joannekerry: Where's me nuts?
joannekerry: Evening rays
joannekerry: 2020-02-02_10-34-53