joannekerry: Pounce
joannekerry: Honey Bees
joannekerry: Painted Lady in the Sunshine
joannekerry: Her Favourite Tipple
joannekerry: Grasshopper
joannekerry: Wait up Dad
joannekerry: Boys Club
joannekerry: Relaxing in the shade
joannekerry: The Mob
joannekerry: Peek-a-boo I see you.
joannekerry: Target in sight
joannekerry: I watched in awe. Such a beautiful creature
joannekerry: A Graceful Giant
joannekerry: NLCs over the Sound of Mull
joannekerry: Early flight over Loch Eil
joannekerry: The magestic Ben Nevis
joannekerry: Reflections over Lochaline
joannekerry: Early morning over Loch Eil
joannekerry: Noctilucent clouds over Fort William
joannekerry: Cats Eyes
joannekerry: Oyster Catcher
joannekerry: Balance
joannekerry: Eating on the Run
joannekerry: Young Hunter
joannekerry: Flying Ace in Training
joannekerry: I really need a pedicure!
joannekerry: The Dreamer
joannekerry: To rest a while
joannekerry: Can't stop....late for my manicure!