kleiner_eisbaer_75: Bathing fun at Jökulsárlón
kleiner_eisbaer_75: a magical moment at this very impressive waterfall
kleiner_eisbaer_75: rugged rocky coast on Snaefellsnes
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Harpa at blue hour
kleiner_eisbaer_75: A very sweet charmer
kleiner_eisbaer_75: A rainy day on Norway's coast
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Posing Puffin
kleiner_eisbaer_75: It's summer time
kleiner_eisbaer_75: All the beauty of nature
kleiner_eisbaer_75: so lonely - "Where's my mom?"
kleiner_eisbaer_75: A place to take in all the beauty
kleiner_eisbaer_75: On a journey of discovery in the sandbox
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Lost in the small canals of Venice
kleiner_eisbaer_75: "How do you like the world?"
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Mhhh, let's go to the delicious forget-me-nots!
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Venice at dusk - a true experience
kleiner_eisbaer_75: I am proud of my lovely little family
kleiner_eisbaer_75: a place that invites you to dream
kleiner_eisbaer_75: What would Venice be without the gondoliers?
kleiner_eisbaer_75: "Yay! I'm an ordinary house sparrow and am being portrayed."
kleiner_eisbaer_75: mhh delicious .. insects for breakfast
kleiner_eisbaer_75: "Come on, let's eat together!"
kleiner_eisbaer_75: photographed millions of times and still fantastically beautiful
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Carnival in Venice
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Blue Tit in snowy spring
kleiner_eisbaer_75: Venice awakens
kleiner_eisbaer_75: winter fairytale land
kleiner_eisbaer_75: "I won't take your food away from you!"
kleiner_eisbaer_75: a little church in the morning mist