j.vanovervelt: Big smile
j.vanovervelt: Wild. That's how I like to see them
j.vanovervelt: at Antwerp station
j.vanovervelt: Implied nude
j.vanovervelt: Albino girl at God's Window, Mpumalanga, South Afrika
j.vanovervelt: Sitting on the floor
j.vanovervelt: Too late?
j.vanovervelt: Anja PUUR
j.vanovervelt: Intense gaze
j.vanovervelt: She smiles so mischievously
j.vanovervelt: Project Sensuma
j.vanovervelt: Great spotted woodpecker
j.vanovervelt: Lovely in mint green
j.vanovervelt: Like to have fun
j.vanovervelt: Playing the ukulele
j.vanovervelt: On a beautiful summer evening on the beach in Zeeland
j.vanovervelt: An angel in disguise
j.vanovervelt: Unfathomable
j.vanovervelt: On the bench
j.vanovervelt: I was recently looking at the photos from Laura's first photo shoot and found this beautiful portrait that I hadn't posted yet
j.vanovervelt: One eye covered
j.vanovervelt: A smile to die for
j.vanovervelt: Twisting
j.vanovervelt: Project Sensuma
j.vanovervelt: It is a privilege to be able to work with her. Photo shoot in the arboretum of Kalmthout
j.vanovervelt: Character portrait
j.vanovervelt: Classy Girl
j.vanovervelt: Laura during a session in the Kalmthoutse Heide on the theme of soft focus
j.vanovervelt: White shirt