metsemakers: branches are the natural framework
metsemakers: White flower
metsemakers: it was a freezing cold morning...........
metsemakers: Sugar and cookies frozen in time
metsemakers: Smile you are on camera
metsemakers: Frost at Sunset
metsemakers: Just the two of us
metsemakers: Blue Hour at Dordrecht (HDR)
metsemakers: Wintertime
metsemakers: reflection in the fountain ( explore)
metsemakers: The softness of a flower
metsemakers: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk te Dordrecht
metsemakers: Some flowers are really dead or dying
metsemakers: Walkers on the dike
metsemakers: small pole with frozen moss
metsemakers: Cityscape from a puddle (with many Christmas decorations)
metsemakers: Dordrecht Sunset
metsemakers: Sheep in the snow (part 2)
metsemakers: View of the town hall of Dordrecht
metsemakers: Sheep in the Snow ( part 1)
metsemakers: Puzzle Me (Explore)
metsemakers: I understand why someone has a seat here
metsemakers: Recycling
metsemakers: Frozen Dewdrops
metsemakers: My coffee mug; black please!
metsemakers: frozen macro
metsemakers: Frozen (HDR)
metsemakers: Winter Reflections
metsemakers: Black and White (explore)
metsemakers: Misty Morning