droy0521: white rose
droy0521: Enjoying the View
droy0521: Picking a Line
droy0521: Bee v Goat Stare-Off
droy0521: Swallowtail on Milkweed
droy0521: Mt Aetna from Monarch Pass
droy0521: Treasure Falls
droy0521: Painted Wall
droy0521: eye of an elephant
droy0521: kingbird
droy0521: Nice Pose from a Fawn
droy0521: Framed
droy0521: Buck in Velvet
droy0521: Big Bison Bull
droy0521: Red Admiral
droy0521: Moraine Park
droy0521: Ruby Throated Hummingbird
droy0521: Burrowing Owl
droy0521: Tepee
droy0521: Glacier Creek
droy0521: Some kids will always pick their noses
droy0521: Singing Meadowlark
droy0521: Nibbling on a Stick
droy0521: Chewing Grass
droy0521: Antelope Profile
droy0521: Muskrat
droy0521: Juvenile Cormorant Fly By
droy0521: Passel of Willets
droy0521: Hornbill
droy0521: Snowy Egret