adamturner01: Floating
adamturner01: Lost in thought
adamturner01: Escape
adamturner01: Trapped
adamturner01: Entropy
adamturner01: winter sun
adamturner01: A time to reflect
adamturner01: out look
adamturner01: Scandalous. Trees in the local park being chopped down for a petrol line
adamturner01: Reflect
adamturner01: Silence
adamturner01: Autumn
adamturner01: Learning
adamturner01: Compassion
adamturner01: Tranquility
adamturner01: Shadow
adamturner01: Rip Mr Bean
adamturner01: Patina
adamturner01: waiting
adamturner01: Before the storm 3
adamturner01: before the storm 2
adamturner01: before the storm 1