morten.images: The boats have gone to bed
morten.images: Trondheim
morten.images: Building a blind for watching blackcocks mate
morten.images: Do not disturb
morten.images: Waiting for spring
morten.images: A perfect day
morten.images: Global warming is a bitch.
morten.images: Høst i Trøndelag
morten.images: Morning colours of autumn
morten.images: Autumn colours
morten.images: Mountain in the mist
morten.images: In the blue corner.......
morten.images: Barnebarnet
morten.images: IMGP9331
morten.images: IMGP9319
morten.images: Telemark
morten.images: Telemark
morten.images: FOTO6680
morten.images: Sunrise in July
morten.images: Exploring Telemark by canoe.
morten.images: Holmsbu
morten.images: The lake 2
morten.images: The lake
morten.images: Sunset at the marina by our summerhouse.
morten.images: Just another sunset seen from my recliner in the living room
morten.images: Farm in the fog
morten.images: Veterans Day in Norway
morten.images: My living room window
morten.images: The sun is an orange