andrewmclean32: Gloucester Cathedral.
andrewmclean32: ‘Where there is light’
andrewmclean32: A little bit of Hogwarts in Gloucester
andrewmclean32: Loving the graffiti in this tunnel as much as I love my cousins JCW
andrewmclean32: Friend in the red coat
andrewmclean32: South Bristol Misty Morning
andrewmclean32: AMG graffiti
andrewmclean32: Baltic Wharf
andrewmclean32: Re-edit Maersk Building Copenhagen
andrewmclean32: Morning walk
andrewmclean32: Car park light trails
andrewmclean32: Winter canopy
andrewmclean32: Nice to look up beyond the trees
andrewmclean32: Morning...
andrewmclean32: Redcliffe Church
andrewmclean32: Southwest Sunset
andrewmclean32: Sunset Bathurst Basin
andrewmclean32: Redcliffe AM
andrewmclean32: Family day out
andrewmclean32: Take Me Back
andrewmclean32: Waterfall country; Sri Lanka.
andrewmclean32: Seen this beautiful elephant by the roadside.
andrewmclean32: Taking off to fly home. Sri Lanka has been amazing.
andrewmclean32: You lookin at me?!?
andrewmclean32: Ramboda Falls.
andrewmclean32: Up! Stargazing in Sri Lanka.
andrewmclean32: Welsh Waterfall Wander.
andrewmclean32: When winter beats autumn.
andrewmclean32: Autumnal Walk