wileygerald: Is this what normal looks like?
wileygerald: Seems to me I will remembered as the guy with old, comfortable shoes and dirty glasses.
wileygerald: Once had a cat who liked to lick my face. I miss that.
wileygerald: Alone with her thoughts.
wileygerald: Contentment. Quietly happy.
wileygerald: More artsy ........
wileygerald: She is shy
wileygerald: moon shoes
wileygerald: Does anyone know the story of the bicycles on poles along Ruston Way?
wileygerald: that artsy ........thing
wileygerald: Owen Beach
wileygerald: Pt defiance boat house
wileygerald: Somebody's neighborhood.
wileygerald: Someday I am going to ride it to see where it goes.
wileygerald: It is only satisfying to climb alone if you don’t have to.
wileygerald: I walk here all the time. Today I stopped to look.
wileygerald: I like to remember the days when I missed the rain. Welcomed it.
wileygerald: At this moment someone is reminiscing with their grandfather...playing catch with their dad. I missed my moment. Now I am old.
wileygerald: Zoom call with God's other creatures about climate change. They're pissed.
wileygerald: Shoes make the man. I like women in boots.
wileygerald: Free to follow the line wherever it leads.
wileygerald: Chivalry is not dead. Dammit.
wileygerald: Finally. We reached the sky.
wileygerald: Some of us never wanted to grow up.
wileygerald: I envy men with full heads of grey hair.
wileygerald: Did not know Charlie Chaplin was in town.