mikeofm: Candy vendor in Zocalo
mikeofm: Water Lillies with thorns
mikeofm: Patterns of Nature
mikeofm: Taking Sun
mikeofm: The Shadow of Death
mikeofm: Race Point Afternoon
mikeofm: What the World Needs Now
mikeofm: The Water Bearer
mikeofm: Yellow
mikeofm: Last Dregs of Summer
mikeofm: Shadows and Reflections
mikeofm: The Purple Hour
mikeofm: Path to the Sea
mikeofm: Cast Ashore at Dawn
mikeofm: The Gondoleer of Eastham
mikeofm: The Girl in the Bubble
mikeofm: The Dunes of Corn Hill
mikeofm: Joy
mikeofm: The Holdup
mikeofm: Wedded Bliss
mikeofm: one eyed flamingo
mikeofm: Last Stroll of the Summer
mikeofm: Budding Artist
mikeofm: What Man Hath Wrought
mikeofm: The Colors of the Rainbow
mikeofm: Raindrops on Red Hibiscus
mikeofm: Sand, Sea and Sky
mikeofm: Z is for Zinnia
mikeofm: green grasshopper, red rose