clive_metcalfe: Kingston Lacy House
clive_metcalfe: Kingston Lacy House
clive_metcalfe: Spring Blossom
clive_metcalfe: The Beauty of Springtime
clive_metcalfe: A Garden in Springtime
clive_metcalfe: Camellia
clive_metcalfe: A Beautiful Day by the Water
clive_metcalfe: Rowing at Christchurch Key
clive_metcalfe: Spring Has Arrived
clive_metcalfe: The Ship Inn
clive_metcalfe: The Blackmore Vale
clive_metcalfe: The High Street
clive_metcalfe: Shaftesbury Town Hall and the Church of St. Peter
clive_metcalfe: Gold Hill
clive_metcalfe: Lymington Quay
clive_metcalfe: Quay Street
clive_metcalfe: Quay Hill
clive_metcalfe: The Church of St Thomas the Apostle
clive_metcalfe: Bournemouth Gardens
clive_metcalfe: A Stroll in the Gardens
clive_metcalfe: A Beautiful Winter's Day at the Beach
clive_metcalfe: A Sunny Day in Christchurch
clive_metcalfe: Calm Water
clive_metcalfe: A Sunny Day by the River
clive_metcalfe: The Mill Stream
clive_metcalfe: The Bandstand on Christchurch Quay
clive_metcalfe: Christchurch Priory Church
clive_metcalfe: Waiting for Spring
clive_metcalfe: A Cotswold View