claudiadea131: the pink glass
claudiadea131: delicate nuance
claudiadea131: early spring
claudiadea131: transparencies in black and white
claudiadea131: the cross on Lake Como
claudiadea131: romantic trip to Como
claudiadea131: with the kitten in front of the lake
claudiadea131: behind the glass
claudiadea131: delicate intimacy
claudiadea131: quiet moments
claudiadea131: the house on the island
claudiadea131: landing on snow
claudiadea131: sky blue
claudiadea131: sky blue
claudiadea131: majestic white
claudiadea131: minimalism in Livigno
claudiadea131: friends forever
claudiadea131: view of the snow-capped Alps
claudiadea131: enchantment on Lake Como
claudiadea131: A GLASS OF WINE AT THE LAKE
claudiadea131: The Broletto of Como is the original seat, in medieval times, of the Municipality of the city of Como.
claudiadea131: the cathedral of COMO
claudiadea131: 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
claudiadea131: relax at sunset
claudiadea131: light in your hair
claudiadea131: the breathtaking sunset
claudiadea131: people in Milan
claudiadea131: on the balcony among the statues
claudiadea131: the eyes of the sunset