claudiadea131: my romantic autumn
claudiadea131: the silent walk
claudiadea131: my autumn in intimacy
claudiadea131: my autumn up close
claudiadea131: here it is raining heavily
claudiadea131: there is life in the leaves
claudiadea131: the romantic trees
claudiadea131: the trees are mirrored
claudiadea131: bellagio today
claudiadea131: my gaze on the lake
claudiadea131: today my balcony in front of bellagio
claudiadea131: the motorboat followed by the seagulls
claudiadea131: the colors in solitude
claudiadea131: Proceed calmly between the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
claudiadea131: I prefer this peace to war
claudiadea131: the walk with the friend
claudiadea131: the fog in the trees
claudiadea131: enchantment
claudiadea131: my bodyguards
claudiadea131: we looked into each other's eyes
claudiadea131: today the arrival of the tour of Lombardy is como
claudiadea131: delicate flight in the fog
claudiadea131: walk with the red umbrella
claudiadea131: i love being in nature
claudiadea131: quiet rain
claudiadea131: autumn air
claudiadea131: romantic drops
claudiadea131: between the tree trunks
claudiadea131: my sweet friend among the leaves
claudiadea131: the boat in the fall