alphonso49uk: Bale Mountains,Ethiopia
alphonso49uk: _DSC9248
alphonso49uk: _DSC9238
alphonso49uk: _DSC9225
alphonso49uk: Messing about on the river
alphonso49uk: Many a tail to tell...........
alphonso49uk: Junk Shop
alphonso49uk: Rhodes Harbour at night
alphonso49uk: Open for business
alphonso49uk: Version 2
alphonso49uk: Time for a quick ciggy
alphonso49uk: _DSC9118
alphonso49uk: Rhodes,Old Town
alphonso49uk: Rhodes,Old Town
alphonso49uk: Rhodes
alphonso49uk: _DSC9083
alphonso49uk: Solitude
alphonso49uk: Rhodes, Old Town
alphonso49uk: Alone with your thoughts
alphonso49uk: Old Town ,Rhodes
alphonso49uk: Rhodes, Old Town
alphonso49uk: Wedding Guest
alphonso49uk: A study in concentration
alphonso49uk: Dawn in Nepal
alphonso49uk: Varanasi
alphonso49uk: Free as a bird
alphonso49uk: Rainy night in Memphis
alphonso49uk: Feeding Frenzy
alphonso49uk: Monsters from the Blue Lagoon