alaincarrir: Squirrel for starting the week
alaincarrir: Cardinal in the apples
alaincarrir: Motion
alaincarrir: Quartier des spectacles
alaincarrir: ✨✨ Petite Nictale ✨✨
alaincarrir: Cardinal
alaincarrir: Red eyed vireo
alaincarrir: Taxi driver
alaincarrir: Grand Pic
alaincarrir: Night view
alaincarrir: Street colours
alaincarrir: Morning Stretch Cardinal
alaincarrir: Fly into the frame
alaincarrir: Duo synchro
alaincarrir: Call for uprising
alaincarrir: Grand pic (Prise2)
alaincarrir: Haloween street view
alaincarrir: Autumn moon
alaincarrir: Cardinal
alaincarrir: Grand Pic
alaincarrir: Looking up
alaincarrir: Autumnal street scene 2
alaincarrir: Hello miss cardinal
alaincarrir: Street Autumnal virus
alaincarrir: Mirror
alaincarrir: The red tree
alaincarrir: Night colours
alaincarrir: Splash
alaincarrir: Street night scenery
alaincarrir: Full frame Pileated woodpecker