brandaotd5: Valença do Douro
brandaotd5: Valença do Douro.
brandaotd5: Douro vineyards.
brandaotd5: Bateira - One of the Traditional boats in the Aveiro area.
brandaotd5: Privileged pine.
brandaotd5: Casal de Sejães
brandaotd5: Tremendous forest road, with the beginning of autumn colors.
brandaotd5: The lonely tree that has the strength to be born and survive on the rock and the high altitude of the Mountain, has all my admiration.
brandaotd5: Deep in the mountains, the beautiful Covas do Monte is located.
brandaotd5: what's up stranger ?!?!
brandaotd5: Covas do Monte, small, before the imposing mountain.
brandaotd5: Going to S. Macário Mountain, going down to Covas do Monte and not seeing the Community Herd, is like going to Rome ....
brandaotd5: Fisherman's hut.
brandaotd5: Cais da Bestida.
brandaotd5: The fires that walk in the mountains and the consequent smoke, make the clarity in the water of the estuary, at least strange.
brandaotd5: Aveiro
brandaotd5: Manhã na Ria
brandaotd5: It already "smells" like autumn.
brandaotd5: Water Mills.
brandaotd5: The magnificence and beauty of the Mountain is incredible.
brandaotd5: Glacier Valley.
brandaotd5: A mountain road dream.
brandaotd5: The Mountain shelter. In this place and at this altitude, snow usually populates these parts of the Serra da Estrela, so there are some shelters such as this one, which today served to support a Shepherd who kept his flock there.
brandaotd5: Penhas Douradas
brandaotd5: To the Mountains and beyond.
brandaotd5: Where the water flows there is always green.
brandaotd5: Paiva River in Summer.
brandaotd5: Old Train Station to remember other times.
brandaotd5: Color and elegance of the traditional boats of the Aveiro estuary.
brandaotd5: Farms with Dignity.