bett_atherton: Meadow Brown
bett_atherton: Peacock Butterfly
bett_atherton: The dancing princess
bett_atherton: Hummingbird Hawk Moth
bett_atherton: Dive !! Dive !! Dive !!
bett_atherton: Male Green Woodpecker
bett_atherton: Not a lot lot of room in there
bett_atherton: Marbled White
bett_atherton: Small Skipper
bett_atherton: Small Heath
bett_atherton: Blue Tit
bett_atherton: Whitethroat
bett_atherton: Broad Bodied Chaser
bett_atherton: Kestrel fledgling
bett_atherton: Kestrels in the nest
bett_atherton: Whitethroat
bett_atherton: "Where's Dad"
bett_atherton: Banded Demoiselle
bett_atherton: Sleepy Cygnet
bett_atherton: Mandarin Duck
bett_atherton: Kung Foo Coots
bett_atherton: Goldfinch
bett_atherton: Female Stonechat
bett_atherton: A Small Copper (I think)
bett_atherton: Pelicans