barbara_donders: Precious
barbara_donders: Life is like a Carousel
barbara_donders: Spotlight
barbara_donders: In the Twilight
barbara_donders: Timeless Memory
barbara_donders: Crispy Fall
barbara_donders: Silene Vulgaris
barbara_donders: It takes both Light and Dark to Grow
barbara_donders: One Nature...One Soul
barbara_donders: It's only one straw
barbara_donders: Beauty's of a Fading Nature
barbara_donders: Be a Flower not a Weed
barbara_donders: Beauty is a Fragile Gift
barbara_donders: Unfold Your Own Myth
barbara_donders: Colors are the Smiles of Nature
barbara_donders: Great Art picks up where Nature Ends
barbara_donders: Not all those who Wander are Lost
barbara_donders: Think Different
barbara_donders: Born to Stand Out
barbara_donders: Sky Above.. Sand Below.. Peace Within
barbara_donders: Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light
barbara_donders: Between the Lines of My Story
barbara_donders: Mother nature has the best box of crayons
barbara_donders: The Joyful colors of Spring
barbara_donders: A Daisy Day Dream
barbara_donders: Rise up and Follow the Sun
barbara_donders: Art of Simplicity
barbara_donders: The Stones on my Path made me Stronger
barbara_donders: Feel the Sun...See the Magic