cscvictor: landscape4262a
shannbil (Signature Exposures): TornadoWarnedSupercell_July72019_3000
LightInThisWorld: sunset theater again
GR in Osoyoos: ELO (Epic Lightning in Osoyoos)
john@aus: Princes Pier
stejones18: I wonder if its the speed & shock of the impact combined with the huge feet and talons that often causes supper to arrive without a head . Juvinile Peregrine at Trencherfield Mill , Wigan , UK .
Noah L. Photography: A Celestial View [Explore]
geekyrocketguy: A Rainbow Sunset at Kalalau Beach
Tim E. aus B.: Die Aussicht
mapleleaf16-11-56: Reflections in the pond...
Sonja Stone: Boardwalk swings
monbydick: @合歡山_Hehuanshan_Taiwan
cheryl strahl: Church of St John in Ohrid (in Explore)
`James Wheeler: Peaceful River
jarle.kvam: IMGP7905_HDR
tine_stone: Skitour Obertauern 2018-01-28
Pat Kelleher: Benvoy sunset
Jill Bazeley: We're still waiting.
markrd5: The Sound The Sea Makes (Explore 24/12/18)
Frӓncis: Crowfoot Mountain Sunrise drh01124X
Calamityg: Christmas time
D. Scott McLeod: It's good to be home!
ianperkins11: SEACOMBE SPLASH (Explore #3)
waynedavey67: Sunset on South stack, smooth ( EXPLORED )
andyrousephotography: The Fairy Pools (Explore 19/12/18 #4)
robert.gx: Hidden sunset