nora-27: Black dog
nora-27: Village
nora-27: When the end didn't arrive yet.
nora-27: Love me
nora-27: When the spring came at a bad time
nora-27: Sharing books
nora-27: Working Women's Day
nora-27: Ancient House
nora-27: What's up?
nora-27: El Parc al barri
nora-27: Time to think
nora-27: Berga
nora-27: The Lake
nora-27: La Patum (Berga)
nora-27: Blossom
nora-27: Meow meow
nora-27: A couple of friends
nora-27: Coexistence
nora-27: The bird
nora-27: Lizard
nora-27: Hungry ant
nora-27: Colored tree
nora-27: Smoothness
nora-27: Daisy
nora-27: Angry nature
nora-27: The ancient newspaper
nora-27: Nature
nora-27: Open the door, you never know there's inside.
nora-27: Can you bring me a beer please?
nora-27: Gaudí