nora-27: Tenderness is not only be like the society wants.
nora-27: Sometimes you find how show your emotions as a funny way.
nora-27: Just Be yourself
nora-27: Backyard
nora-27: Font Nova a Sants
nora-27: Piromusical de la Mercè
nora-27: Piromusical de la Mercè
nora-27: The window
nora-27: Old house
nora-27: Flying around the lights
nora-27: Motorway at night
nora-27: Previously to the storm
nora-27: Ona
nora-27: Once upon a time....
nora-27: Ebre´s lands sunset.
nora-27: Strange snails
nora-27: Looking to the horizon
nora-27: Sunset-2
nora-27: Dragonfly
nora-27: Sunset
nora-27: Lonely beach
nora-27: Mosquito Killer
nora-27: Flamingo
nora-27: So beautiful our girl....
nora-27: Reflections
nora-27: Un passeig pel Delta
nora-27: Summer 2019
nora-27: Puppy
nora-27: Harley Davidson
nora-27: Waiting fot the sailor