matteo.buriola: Obscurus
matteo.buriola: Dry branches
matteo.buriola: Incomplete
matteo.buriola: Stay the course
matteo.buriola: Let nothing stand in your way
matteo.buriola: Where did you go?
matteo.buriola: You learn
matteo.buriola: A small victory
matteo.buriola: Wanderlust
matteo.buriola: Yellow tree
matteo.buriola: The everlasting gaze
matteo.buriola: Road to nowhere
matteo.buriola: Civil war
matteo.buriola: Twenty years
matteo.buriola: I'm lost in a haze
matteo.buriola: Razorblade(explore)
matteo.buriola: Solitary
matteo.buriola: Feedback
matteo.buriola: Murphy's law
matteo.buriola: The ghost battalion(explore)
matteo.buriola: Discovery
matteo.buriola: Stand my ground
matteo.buriola: Back to the future
matteo.buriola: The italian job
matteo.buriola: King for a day