iwona_podlasinska: Eryk and Bella
danielafalkenau: Schwarzenmeer
alanpitman703: The look of love
Giant_Schnauzer: Schnauzer
Le.Patou: Way down upon the Swanee River
ericwverheul: Gunnar-square-format-B-and-W
Audrey Bellot: Lavenders at Night
Bennilover: My Sweet Benni Girl
dave p brecks: Not another one. He reckons he might go out for a while tomorrow so I could be left in peace.
danielafalkenau: 20211014_183723_DRO
thegirlwholeftthefridgeopen: runny nose : water munching
Frank Renger: Itchy Ibi
www.altglas-container.de: Any color you like...
Mr. Stabile: My dogs on film
Milazzoyo: Pogo the Wonder Yorkie Finds a Friend
Peeb OK: Gold in front of white
DrRobAppleyard: Grey photo of grey dog on grey sofa
maximus1992.07: My pug in the forest
bearhawk2: _JOJ2015
Mike Roumph: “I C U”
JP Brady: 3rd Annual Wings & Whitewalls-4 (56)
Randy Poe: Shea and Gina Holloween 2101889 copy
kundeg2: Der Stintmarkt in Lüneburg, gesehen vom Alten Kran
kundeg2: Panorama vom Stintmarkt in Lüneburg
jayne329: 1st JANUARY 2021 055