ptelenko: Fall is Over - 2
ptelenko: Fall is Over - 3
ptelenko: Fall is Over - 1
ptelenko: Yellow 3
ptelenko: Yellow 2
ptelenko: Yellow 1
ptelenko: Change is Good
ptelenko: A Plover on the Deschutes
ptelenko: Moose Drool
ptelenko: What a Cutie
ptelenko: On Her Way
ptelenko: Big Gulp
ptelenko: Mmmm Good
ptelenko: Right at You
ptelenko: Time to Soar
ptelenko: Old and Lonely
ptelenko: All in One
ptelenko: The Hungry Moose
ptelenko: Massif
ptelenko: By a Nose
ptelenko: Madison in Fall
ptelenko: His Herd
ptelenko: Golden Hour Pronghorn
ptelenko: Between the Breezes
ptelenko: All is Good Out Here
ptelenko: The Colors of Madison
ptelenko: Damn Sexy Beast
ptelenko: Pronghorn Portrait
ptelenko: Montana's Beauty
ptelenko: Before the Fall