jeffclouet: On the pink granite coast
jeffclouet: Entering in a church
jeffclouet: Morlaix viaduct
jeffclouet: Spiral staircase
jeffclouet: A lonely dog
jeffclouet: Urban chronicles
jeffclouet: Two people at the Grand Arch
jeffclouet: Going home
jeffclouet: Going upstair
jeffclouet: Self-portait
jeffclouet: Between the walls
jeffclouet: The blue steps
jeffclouet: Two friends talking
jeffclouet: Beach huts
jeffclouet: The boardwalk of Cayeux sur mer
jeffclouet: Going upstair
jeffclouet: Lines Moretti
jeffclouet: urban chronicles
jeffclouet: Aquarium SEA LIFE
jeffclouet: Along the banks of the Seine river
jeffclouet: Spiral staircase
jeffclouet: First urbex 2
jeffclouet: First urbex 1
jeffclouet: An early Sunday morning
jeffclouet: Urban Chronicle
jeffclouet: Epic Fireworks
jeffclouet: The shopping day
jeffclouet: Urban Chronicles
jeffclouet: An early morning walk
jeffclouet: Urban chronicles