jeffclouet: Along the banks of the Seine river
jeffclouet: Spiral staircase
jeffclouet: First urbex 2
jeffclouet: First urbex 1
jeffclouet: An early Sunday morning
jeffclouet: Urban Chronicle
jeffclouet: Epic Fireworks
jeffclouet: The shopping day
jeffclouet: Urban Chronicles
jeffclouet: An early morning walk
jeffclouet: Urban chronicles
jeffclouet: abstract blue staircase
jeffclouet: Urban reflection
jeffclouet: Abstract street photography
jeffclouet: The last shadows of Chinatown
jeffclouet: Door open to the sky
jeffclouet: The woman with the red coat
jeffclouet: The abandoned cart
jeffclouet: Street shadows
jeffclouet: Christmas decoration
jeffclouet: Urban reflection
jeffclouet: Beaugrenelle basements
jeffclouet: fireworks
jeffclouet: Street exhibition
jeffclouet: 3 friends walking
jeffclouet: Big brother is watching you 7
jeffclouet: The shadows of the Philharmonie
jeffclouet: Riding the escalator
jeffclouet: Spiral staircase
jeffclouet: The man with the hat