8onphoto: My neighborhoods are bathed in the glittering sunset light
8onphoto: Curious
8onphoto: A stranger is not so far in my forest
8onphoto: A young American black bear realized that I was watching him from the shelter. I had only 1 minute for a photo shooting and then left its territory.
8onphoto: Find it!
B&W addicted: Travelling is great ⬛⬜
B&W addicted: St.Stephen Bazilika from Budapest ⬛⬜
B&W addicted: Resting ⬛⬜
Anna Kwa: I Found My Way To You
enneafive: Daffodils
Anuj Nair: The Death of Love
utoutokumasan: high school Ayatori (Cat's Cradle) girl
utoutokumasan: Amagasaki, Japan, 1997.
str.ainer: Drinking-water reservoir Frauenau
str.ainer: Flossenbürg Castle ruin
str.ainer: Abstract IV
str.ainer: Dead wood and ferns
str.ainer: Dead branch and grass
str.ainer: Reschbach
mystero233: Fairy Tale
mystero233: Edinburgh silhouette
Puiu.Bogdan: Painting with rain
Puiu.Bogdan: Somewhere in Romania
Puiu.Bogdan: Urban fog
Puiu.Bogdan: City fog