allanchard64: Black-throated Thrush
allanchard64: Black-troated Thrush at Whipsnade
allanchard64: Black-throated Thrush at Whipsnade.
allanchard64: Black-Throated Diver, Barrow Tanks, Bristol
allanchard64: Black-Throated Diver.
allanchard64: Great Northern Diver, Barrow Tanks, Bristol
allanchard64: Great Northern Diver.
allanchard64: Black Redstart, Clevedon.
allanchard64: Black Redstart.
allanchard64: Black Redstart
allanchard64: Great Crested Grebe at Chew Valley Lake.
allanchard64: Rose-ringed Parakeet, Eastville Park, Bristol
allanchard64: Female Kingfisher
allanchard64: 551A5512.1
allanchard64: Kingfisher posing nicely in Eastville Park
allanchard64: Waiting for the fish.
allanchard64: Black-throated Diver at Barrow Tanks
allanchard64: Female Kingfisher at Eastville Park Lake
allanchard64: Female Kingfisher
allanchard64: Female Kingfisher at the lake.
allanchard64: 551A4902.1
allanchard64: 551A4843.1
allanchard64: 551A4844.1
allanchard64: 551A4837.1
allanchard64: An alternative view of a Log-tailed Duck
allanchard64: Gt Northern Diver. Looks like it may have swallowed fishing line.
allanchard64: Great Northern Diver at Barrow Tanks
allanchard64: Long-tailed Duck at Barrow Tanks
allanchard64: Cormorant practicing the balance beam.
allanchard64: Blue Tit in the sun.