howell.davies: Keeping fit - At a distance
howell.davies: New Year's Moon
howell.davies: Covid New Year
howell.davies: Stubbled Field
howell.davies: Moon Rise...(2)
howell.davies: Moon Rise...(1)
howell.davies: Moon Bird
howell.davies: Landscape Horses
howell.davies: Christmas Bench Monday
howell.davies: Power Lines Helicopter
howell.davies: Passing Shower
howell.davies: Covid Message
howell.davies: Chimney Pots Moon
howell.davies: Lunar Bird
howell.davies: Sounds of Autumn
howell.davies: Rainbow Drive
howell.davies: Sign of Normalcy..?
howell.davies: Covid Signs
howell.davies: Long Shadows
howell.davies: Harbour View
howell.davies: Sun and Sea
howell.davies: South Beach,Tenby
howell.davies: Surfing Seagulls
howell.davies: Village Rainbow
howell.davies: Ponies 3
howell.davies: Ponies 2
howell.davies: Ponies 1