Anna'': the goddess shrugged
Anna'': it was once a beautiful tree..
Anna'': sly whisper
Anna'': the unbearable lightness of man
Anna'': staged
Anna'': memories are meant to fade
Anna'': same place, same time
Anna'': are you still here?
Anna'': to reach the stars
Anna'': the night we split up
Anna'': remember the love buried under the anger
Anna'': rough landing
Anna'': running to catch up..
Anna'': what is lurking behind the door?
Anna'': it's about Gaudí
Anna'': calm before the storm..
Anna'': nothing to hide
Anna'': clouds cling to my skin
Anna'': feuding elements
Anna'': lullaby
Anna'': le vieil volcan
Anna'': the days come and go
Anna'': irregularity
Anna'': from beginning to end
Anna'': trapped