emiliano.bertocchi: Different volumes
emiliano.bertocchi: Via Condotti
emiliano.bertocchi: Dance me to the end of love
emiliano.bertocchi: I want to believe
emiliano.bertocchi: The zone of interest
emiliano.bertocchi: Entropy and time
emiliano.bertocchi: Morning appearance
emiliano.bertocchi: How do you keep playing the game of life?
emiliano.bertocchi: Walk of life
emiliano.bertocchi: A place in time
emiliano.bertocchi: On the bench
emiliano.bertocchi: Communication breakdown
emiliano.bertocchi: Hangover morning
emiliano.bertocchi: Exactly like you
emiliano.bertocchi: Kongresshalle
emiliano.bertocchi: The searcher
emiliano.bertocchi: Approaching a light
emiliano.bertocchi: Via Appia Nuova
emiliano.bertocchi: New balance
emiliano.bertocchi: Front Line
emiliano.bertocchi: Modern life is rubbish
emiliano.bertocchi: I'm glad there is you