Browtine1: Kansas sunset over the homestead
Browtine1: Ranch sunset
Browtine1: Crashing waves on Schoodic Peninsula
Browtine1: Foggy Kansas morning.
Browtine1: Merry Christmas!
Browtine1: Cadillac Mountain sunrise
Browtine1: Loess Bluffs NWR sunset
Browtine1: Kansas Milky Way
Browtine1: Union Pacific’s Big Boy 4014. B&W shot from yesterday’s chase.
Browtine1: Big Boy 4014 and it's two water cars catch the setting sun
Browtine1: Union Pacific's Big Boy 4014
Browtine1: Bass Harbor Light House
Browtine1: Windpoint Lighthouse
Browtine1: First signs of fall at Eagle Lake
Browtine1: Jessup path.
Browtine1: Jessup path abstract
Browtine1: Big Meadow on a rainy morning.
Browtine1: Acadia Historical Society
Browtine1: Bubble Pond
Browtine1: Paddling on the pond.
Browtine1: Kansas Milky Way
Browtine1: Tundra views
Browtine1: early morning reflections
Browtine1: Colorado cascade
Browtine1: Sunset at Glacier Basin campground
Browtine1: Cow and calf.
Browtine1: Boats waiting for the first paddlers of the day.
Browtine1: Volland School
Browtine1: Mono mountains.
Browtine1: My 1st attempt at shooting the Milky Way