cresswellclive: Sandwichs.....
cresswellclive: Bric-a-brac.
cresswellclive: Place Henri IV.
cresswellclive: Best foot forward.
cresswellclive: This way to freedom lads.
cresswellclive: The beauty of a Fibonacci sequence.
cresswellclive: Mmmmm....
cresswellclive: “There's a crack...a crack in everything.........” HSS:-)))
cresswellclive: This was my Dad's room, he died aged 100.
cresswellclive: "Let's go for a small beer", he said.
cresswellclive: Feels like yesterday.
cresswellclive: Time for an evening sit I feel.
cresswellclive: cracks and life.
cresswellclive: I heard the call of the sea once.
cresswellclive: Where old boats go to die.
cresswellclive: Model of HMS Nelson.
cresswellclive: Drop dead gorgeous.
cresswellclive: I think a Peacock butterfly...I'm sure you all know better than me.
cresswellclive: skyfall..HSS.
cresswellclive: 3 pictures
cresswellclive: Eye contact.
cresswellclive: Ellesmere Port evening.HSS.
cresswellclive: Who thought cola was a good idea???
cresswellclive: Beach yoga is a rather wide exercise.
cresswellclive: Blue shoe.
cresswellclive: Platform 3....HSS:-)))
cresswellclive: Ok, missed that one......(another beer then)
cresswellclive: Whitby light.
cresswellclive: Music through the trees.
cresswellclive: I foresee a bright future.....HSS:-)))