cresswellclive: Sliding in the garden...HSS
cresswellclive: Two’s company....
cresswellclive: Up...hard, down...easy. (Is it just me??)
cresswellclive: Canning dock to Liverpool one....HSS
cresswellclive: We don't just have ordinary Goblins
cresswellclive: High tide on the Wirral.
cresswellclive: Table with a view please...HSS
cresswellclive: Alchemist Kraken Amp (left channel)....OH!! and me.(no sniggering)
cresswellclive: Sun + rain = BANG 🌺
cresswellclive: A small red dot.
cresswellclive: Bled...just magical. HSS everyone.
cresswellclive: I’m still walking the Wirral way.
cresswellclive: Eastham ferry looking rather nice.
cresswellclive: Sea defences and social distancing...HSS.
cresswellclive: Who owns a police box.
cresswellclive: What windmills??
cresswellclive: Skipping the light fantastic.
cresswellclive: Bluebell Bokeh.
cresswellclive: Her indoors....outdoors. HSS.
cresswellclive: Short cut to the future.
cresswellclive: Our park, part of my walk.
cresswellclive: Grate stuff.
cresswellclive: Smoke and mirrors. HSS. (Happy,Safe,Sunday everyone)
cresswellclive: Car park warriors.
cresswellclive: bee.
cresswellclive: Siri, where am I? “There is a South Parade quite close to you.”
cresswellclive: Life in 2020 is not so bad. Makes you think!!
cresswellclive: Designated walk. Our local church. HSS.
cresswellclive: A beer from a friend......[:-))
cresswellclive: Canadian Destroyer.....starter for ten.