ivanamednansky: In a shadow of a hot day
ivanamednansky: Rolling on a river
ivanamednansky: Sunny side
ivanamednansky: Grounded by mother Nature
ivanamednansky: Life's a game made for everyone, and LOVE is a prize :) [Aviccii]
ivanamednansky: Greenscape
ivanamednansky: Reykjavik town, Iceland
ivanamednansky: Descending to Mars
ivanamednansky: Close-knit
ivanamednansky: Collapsed mountain
ivanamednansky: A promise of spring
ivanamednansky: Highland home
ivanamednansky: Far and wide
ivanamednansky: Winter birdie
ivanamednansky: Clear path
ivanamednansky: Glencoe village, Scotland
ivanamednansky: Lochranza Castle
ivanamednansky: Island of Great Cumbrae
ivanamednansky: Hidden gem of Rio
ivanamednansky: Botanical Gardens, Rio de Janeiro
ivanamednansky: Mysterious construction
ivanamednansky: Street art
ivanamednansky: Santa Teresa
ivanamednansky: Another first time
ivanamednansky: Daybreak
ivanamednansky: Wanderers in a desert
ivanamednansky: Mighty monument
ivanamednansky: Temple of Hercules 161-166 AD
ivanamednansky: The Indi moment :)