kathleen_kitto: Close Encounter with Transient Killer Whale
kathleen_kitto: Adorable Harbor Seals Play Among the Rocks
kathleen_kitto: Mount Baker and the Keystone Ferry Landing
kathleen_kitto: Beautiful Admiralty Head Lighthouse and Fort Casey
kathleen_kitto: Commorant
kathleen_kitto: An Amazing Day to and from Port Townsend, WA USA
kathleen_kitto: The Memorial Wreath from the Blessing of the Fleet Today
kathleen_kitto: Sail Boat Reaces in back of Memorial to Commercial Fisherman
kathleen_kitto: The Storm Last Night Brought Down the Cherry Blossoms
kathleen_kitto: Grand Canyon - Storm Approaching
kathleen_kitto: Sunset over Olympic Park Atlanta, Georgia, USA
kathleen_kitto: Buck Dad
kathleen_kitto: Raja our Lively Bengal Cat
kathleen_kitto: Missing the Snow Geese
kathleen_kitto: Clam up Everyone - I have it!
kathleen_kitto: An Amazing Spring Day in Blaine, WA - USA - near the Canadian Border
kathleen_kitto: The Amazing Sandhill Crane
kathleen_kitto: Snow Geese Away!
kathleen_kitto: Snow Geese - a bit Escher?
kathleen_kitto: Sandhill Crane 2 - Reifel Bird Sanctuary - BC
kathleen_kitto: Mallard Mallard - Reifel Bird Sanctuary - BC
kathleen_kitto: Red Winged Blackbird - Reifel Bird Sanctuary - BC
kathleen_kitto: Sandhill Crane Portrait - Reifel Bird Sanctuary - BC
kathleen_kitto: Wood Duck Portrait - Reifel Bird Sanctuary - BC
kathleen_kitto: Snow Geese and Mount Baker
kathleen_kitto: I finally found my missing yellow tulip bulb!
kathleen_kitto: Humm - seems a weird way to fly
kathleen_kitto: Tulips near the end of the run
kathleen_kitto: More Dazzling Fields of Tulips
kathleen_kitto: Dazzling Fields of Tulips