kathleen_kitto: Wonderful Marine Life
kathleen_kitto: Fall has Come to our Amazing Working Waterfront
kathleen_kitto: California Sea Lion Chatter - near Newport OR
kathleen_kitto: Mount Baker - Artist Point Whatcom County, Washington US
kathleen_kitto: Picture Lake - Mount Shuksan
kathleen_kitto: Mount Shuksan - Picture Lake
kathleen_kitto: Male L-Pod Orca Killer Whale
kathleen_kitto: Saling in the Salish Sea - WA State Ferry Chelan and others
kathleen_kitto: Great Blue Heron in the Salish Sea
kathleen_kitto: Orca Breaching
kathleen_kitto: The Tide is Coming in - Don't get too comfortable
kathleen_kitto: Sleeping Sea Otter
kathleen_kitto: Amazing Horned Puffin
kathleen_kitto: Beautiful Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport OR USA
kathleen_kitto: Adorable Harbor Seals - Yaquina Head
kathleen_kitto: California Sea Lions
kathleen_kitto: Yaquina Head Lighthouse at dusk
kathleen_kitto: Yaquina Head Lighthouse to Moolack Beach
kathleen_kitto: Amazing Yaquina Head Lighthouse at Dawn
kathleen_kitto: Horned Puffins Being Affectionate_
kathleen_kitto: The Columbia River from smoky Vancouver, WA USA
kathleen_kitto: Yup - Breakfast is Good! - Great Blue Heron
kathleen_kitto: Where is Breakfast - Great Blue Heron
kathleen_kitto: Gulls are Amazing!
kathleen_kitto: Amazing Light on Gull - Astoria Oregon USA near the Megler-Astoria Bridge
kathleen_kitto: Geese Flying away in Astoria, Oregon USA
kathleen_kitto: Cormorant - Touch and Go
kathleen_kitto: A Goose Feeding at Morning Low Tide
kathleen_kitto: Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria, OR USA Pano
kathleen_kitto: Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria, OR USA