kathleen_kitto: Go Away - I'm coming down there
kathleen_kitto: After the two step, come fly with me!
kathleen_kitto: If you are going to stay here with that camera, then we will both sit on the nest
kathleen_kitto: Definitely doing the two step together
kathleen_kitto: More Snow Geese than I have ever seen - ready to leave soon
kathleen_kitto: Snow geese are preparing to leave soon
kathleen_kitto: Stay away from my nest now!
kathleen_kitto: One of the Parents did not like me taking pics
kathleen_kitto: Daffodil Field and Harvesting
kathleen_kitto: Daffodils are in bloom today
kathleen_kitto: MOUNT BAKER was magnificent today!
kathleen_kitto: Eagle nesting today
kathleen_kitto: It's almost time to fly home
kathleen_kitto: Beautiful Deception Pass and Park
kathleen_kitto: Trumpeter Swan Relaxing
kathleen_kitto: Last Light near Boulevard Park - Bellingham, WA USA
kathleen_kitto: Tha's Double Trouble - Eagles looking for lunch
kathleen_kitto: Sunset near Boulevard Park - Bellingham, WA USA
kathleen_kitto: The Artic Challenger at Night - Bellingham, WA, USA
kathleen_kitto: Enjoying the Nitobe Japanese Garden
kathleen_kitto: Transient Orcas are serious killers
kathleen_kitto: Orca whales having fun!
kathleen_kitto: Amazing Splash from Humpback Whale!
kathleen_kitto: Giving me the eye - Rhinoceros Auklet
kathleen_kitto: Horned Puffin - definitely could not do this! What an itch!
kathleen_kitto: SwansinSkagitCounty
kathleen_kitto: That's a lot of snow geese- Alfred Hitchcock would be pleased!
kathleen_kitto: Raja the Bengal Cat
kathleen_kitto: The Amazing Oregon Coast - Yaquina Head Lighthouse
kathleen_kitto: A Foggy Morning Looking to Yaquina Head Lighthouse