KRS-well: Farmall
KRS-well: outpost
KRS-well: Silver Dollar
KRS-well: out of the weeds
KRS-well: Rawlins, WY
KRS-well: Abandoned Travel Center
KRS-well: Griddle night
KRS-well: Motel Pool
KRS-well: Dodge pickup
KRS-well: Nevada 02
KRS-well: Oasis, Nevada
KRS-well: Shell Crest 02
KRS-well: Laundromat
KRS-well: Lone Star 02
KRS-well: Ranger Bar
KRS-well: Thunderbird
KRS-well: Rock Springs, WY
KRS-well: Lone Star
KRS-well: Osino, NV
KRS-well: Wagon Wheel 2
KRS-well: Opels
KRS-well: Wagon Wheel
KRS-well: Shell Crest
KRS-well: Wells, Nevada
KRS-well: Victory
KRS-well: fins
KRS-well: Sharon Motel
KRS-well: Soapbox
KRS-well: Monterey & Fury
KRS-well: Buick Super