martincutrone: Forest Thoughts
martincutrone: Moonrise Keep finding more images from out week in Lake George, NY. A gold mine of images of a beautiful week of weather. Edited in Snapseed.
martincutrone: Contemplation
martincutrone: In Formation
martincutrone: Sunset 2
martincutrone: Stairs to Nowhere
martincutrone: North Topsail Beach, NC
martincutrone: Beach Life
martincutrone: Relief (from the heat)
martincutrone: Martin Cutrone-May 24, 2019-19-17-04-32-1.jpg
martincutrone: Martin Cutrone-June 24, 2019-18-40-19-1.jpg
martincutrone: Lake George, NY, from Black Mtn
martincutrone: Morning Sun on Grass
martincutrone: Shadows
martincutrone: Photographer at Work
martincutrone: Morning Jog
martincutrone: Waiting?
martincutrone: Martin Cutrone-July 03, 2019-22-52-39.jpg
martincutrone: Martin Cutrone-July 03, 2019-22-52-32.jpg
martincutrone: Last Sunset
martincutrone: Lake George, NY
martincutrone: Lake George, NY. Jewel of the Adirondacks, the Lake Tahoe of the east... The lake lives up to its reputation whenever I visit.
martincutrone: Waterfall Double
martincutrone: Pathway of Light
martincutrone: Untitled