nrg_crisis: There’s One In Every Crowd
pmhoste: Faits divers
clare j kaczmarek: Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park
NorthernXposure: Trolley Dash
NorthernXposure: Ocean Terminal
NorthernXposure: Trollied
Hayashina: fence in the Alps
Pat Kelleher: London Architecture
Pat Kelleher: London Architecture
Pat Kelleher: London Architecture
Ilan Shacham: Rock and Flow
adamkfeatherstone: 12/11/2023 Squamish, Canada
yoLibre: orange
yoLibre: After sunset alone
yoLibre: windows
yoLibre: abandoned building
yoLibre: stairs
yoLibre: Shirahama Ocean Resort
ahmet ugursal: Morning Light
ahmet ugursal: Skyscratcher
ahmet ugursal: Broken Lamp
tin woody: Laundry Day
martha ander: Stairs / Albert Engströms trappor
Bilder von der Ruhr: Zeche Rheinelbe, Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf
HRN.POSHOR: 2023 08 30 Action
Michel Ventri: 55th Street West (154) 350
Michel Ventri: nithering gwender