_patclancy56: Cactus Blooming in Big Bend National Park
_patclancy56: Tulsa at night
_patclancy56: Sutter's Store remains at Fort Griffin, Tx
_patclancy56: Foggy Sunrise at South Dakota Badland National Park
_patclancy56: Cayuga Mission Church in the snow
_patclancy56: Fishing Dock on Frozen Snow Covered Lake
_patclancy56: Yellow Mounds
_patclancy56: Conoco Tower in Shamrock Tx, after a rain storm
_patclancy56: Alley Springs Mill
_patclancy56: Tulsa Centennial Park
_patclancy56: Tulsa Centennial Park
_patclancy56: Yukon's Best Flour
_patclancy56: Tulsa Fire Museum
_patclancy56: Almost half a century together
_patclancy56: Terlingua at Night
_patclancy56: Buck Adams
_patclancy56: Playing in the middle of the street
_patclancy56: Lake Overholser Dam
_patclancy56: Short Ear Owl posing for us on the fence post
_patclancy56: Short Ear Owl in flight
_patclancy56: Jackson, Tn. Restored Greyhound Bus Depot
_patclancy56: Eagle Fishing along the Neosho River
_patclancy56: Alley Springs Mill
_patclancy56: War Eagle Mill and Bridge
_patclancy56: Big Bend
_patclancy56: Eagle fishing the river
_patclancy56: Autumn Kayaking in the Great Smoky Mountains
_patclancy56: John Cable's Drive through Barn
_patclancy56: Great Smoky Mountain Stream
_patclancy56: Falls Creek Falls