Kevin Madsen: Ford Hauler
espeeus: McKinley Explorer
Brian D Plant: Candy Crush
traingod99: Sunset on the Grand Canyon
Kevin Madsen: BN 7200 West at St. Paul
thechief500: ATSF 670 West at Kayser, NM
CSabresXr1: UP URNWMJ 25, Amelia, TX
wm3797: The Over / Under
wccnds John Leopard: MRL 600 West Billings Transfer, Shilo Road, Billings, MT; Dec 11, 1988_
wccnds John Leopard: MRL 206 helper on BN train 22, Bozeman Pass, Montana; May 20, 1989_
wccnds John Leopard: MRL 324 West local 840, Three Forks, MT; June 19, 2007_
challenger13: State Of Illinois -2
challenger13: State Of Illinois
jamesbelmont: Rock Island Line
mile27: CP 7021-235 040120
Epic Larry: Getting Out Of Chicago
espeeus: Empty Export
steve55126: The other 844
thechief500: ATSF 217 East at Kayser, NM
Grant Goertzen: Eastbound Transfer in Kansas City, MO
Khang Lu: NLR 421- Crossing the Sauk River
isaacfulford: Canoe Sunsets
Vincent Colombo: NECR 611 at Millers Falls
steve55126: Bobbing along the Brooten Line
espeeus: Through the Wiggle
espeeus: The Other Side
Blackangus74: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
thechief500: Amtrak Train #3 at Sandia Pueblo, NM
CSabresXr1: UP URNWMJ 25, Amelia, TX
Mo-Pump: KCS 4859 - Safety Starts Here Locomotive - Belton, MO