4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Waiting For Nosie Rubs
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Back In Business, No More Stinky Bunny!
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Houston, We Have a (Well Documented) Problem
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Government Job: Vacuum Adaptor Clamp
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Definitely Not My Mother's Home Cooking
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Partially Completed Driller's Console
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Batteries Not Included, Some Assembly Required
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Dinner is Served, Nearly
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Fortress Mayday
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: A Digger Will Always Be a Digger
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Doing It In the Dark
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Mess With It!
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Highwood River, Kananaskis Country, Alberta
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: The Happy Accident
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Negotiations Continue
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Knanaskis Country, Alberta
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Winter Won't Be Long Now
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Breakfast With Dad
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Damn Cold in Celsius: -41°C Wind Chill
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Damn Cold Even in Fahrenheit: -42°F Wind Chill
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Starrett Portable Hardness Tester, Leeb Method
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Kananaskis Country, Alberta
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: Enough Hay to Feed a Donkey
4thirdsOpticalDelusions: In One End, Out the Other