Jane Simmonds: November 2019
objet introuvable: The Tate Modern
Carol Curd: Spining
Carol Curd: Sea and Surf
josef...: acrossTheWaters
josef...: blackIce
Nathan Perli: Rockerville 4
tuvidaloca: Clerodendron thomsoniae, blossom (study)
Jane Simmonds: 333/365
NPC Rebel: Undersea world
colinb4: Castle silhouette
colinb4: The colour of Copper
Anne-Marie Leflaive: Watching the sun go down - Oliver's Castle, Devizes.
Anne-Marie Leflaive: Colours of autumn.
Martine Cavalcade: Inséparables
jola.mctotty: Wastwater dreaming...
jola.mctotty: Late westerly light, Neist Point...
jola.mctotty: Across the Loch...
jola.mctotty: At a rakish angle...
Tartan Ranga: Cows and Textiles with jewels
Tartan Ranga: Fairy Wren
MickH5 (2): mountain fresh
MickH5 (2): The Crossing
Bernd Walz: Quiet Dawn
Bernd Walz: Fish Farm
SK Monos: Lake Abstract
Anne-Marie Leflaive: Fading away